Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AX2012 Developer Resources

For those of you who don't visit my Dynamics AX Musings blog directly, here's what you've been missing out!
I have been posting quite a few lengthy articles on the subject of AX 2012, highlighting new features and actually walking through full code examples (Business Operation Framework, X++ in CLR, Events, Managed Code, Models, etc). Blogs are great, but they are horrible to navigate and don't lend themselves well as references, since they are inherently tough to navigate. To that end, I have setup two "pages", providing a listing of resources available, both articles on my blog as well as external resources such as MSDN articles and Whitepaper downloads.
I keep these pages up-to-date any time I post a new article, so check back regularly if you've been missing a few posts!

The two pages available:

ALM/TFS with Dynamics AX
AX 2012 Developer Resources

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