Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10-minute App Series Conclusion

The 10-minute app series has been concluded. If you've missed one, here are the links:

• "10 minute WPF app": a WPF app that consumes AX 2012 queries (without customization to AX).
• "10 minute Windows Azure app": send item data to an Azure site.
• "10 minute Windows Phone 7 app": get list of items on windows phone 7 app through trusted intermediary (without customization to AX)

I acknowledge to create these 10-minute apps I probably violated tons of best practices and I know I took a lot of shortcuts and skipped over things, just to make it work in 10 minutes. They are all proof-of-concepts and hopefully by taking these shortcuts you won't be inclined to just take the code and some things to create a customer solution. You should do it the right way, and take more than 10 minutes :-)

The whole point of these 10 minute apps is to enforce Microsoft's AX 2012 marketing buzz about "Powerfully Simple". The continued deep merging of AX with the rest of the Microsoft stack enables a lot of possibilities. And although a lot of the marketing is focused around AX 2012 being powerfully simple for the user, hopefully this 10-minute app series shows how the power of the integration with other Microsoft technologies makes things simpler for us developers too!

Let this be an inspiration. There are wonderful things you can do with these three examples if you start mixing and matching. Perhaps a service bus between Azure and AX, making mobile apps for mobile platforms using Azure (including Windows Phone). Or, as Sashi did, apply the base code and concepts to create an Android app.

If you created any other projects based on these apps, post it in the comments or let me know on twitter, and I will gladly reference them on my blog.

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