Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Importing Data to AX 2012 Using Excel Add-ins

I came across an extremely useful blog while reading Twitter today. Alex Anikiev has started posting a series of blog posts on importing data into AX 2012 using the Excel add-ins. He lists the steps necessary to fix issues as well as diagrams of the data models! Make sure to go through his blog archive.

I have not tried any of these but skimming through the articles they look very useful! Use any import information at your own risk!

The blog is located at, and currently has the following articles:

Generic Data Import Information and Setup Walkthrough

Import Customers
Importing Vendors
Importing Main Accounts
Importing Products
Importing Customer Transactions/Balances
Importing Vendor Transactions/Balances
Importing Ledger Transactions/Balances
Importing Inventory Transactions/Balances
Importing Sales Orders
Importing Free Text Invoices
Importing Purchase Orders


  1. Dear Joris,

    How can I import Financial dimension values table of the Ax 2012?

    Can you help me?

    Thank you

    1. I got same problem. i cannot import financial dimension too. Can help me too?


  2. Alex has always been a source of amazing development - he's saved me several times :)

  3. As you may or may not know, Microsoft has released a beta product on Information Source ( for data migration. The tool is a lot more reliable (although more rigid - it only handles certain entities out of the box). I recommend using that tool over the excel add-ins. I know users like their Excel, but the migration framework is the way to go.

  4. I want to import contact i.e. customer representative, into ax2012, it is available in Acc. receivable-->customers-->contacts(ribbon bar), how to do it? number of customers are more than 1000

    1. This is an old post. As mentioned above in my comment, there is now a proper import tool you can download, and it's actually part of standard AX out-of-the-box in R2 CU7. The tools is called "data import/export framework" and if you're not on CU7 you can download it from

  5. Just wanted to enquire is you have had any luck importing Inventory Posting Profiles via Excel Add in tool for AX 2012

    1. Did you ever get feedback on this. I am having a similar issue with Fixed Asset posting profiles.