Thursday, March 14, 2013

Convergence 2013

For those of you waiting on the continuation of the TFS series - please be patient. Next week is Convergence and a lot of time and energy is being put into preparing both our Sikich company booth (#2437) and material, as well as the Interactive Discussion session I will be leading there. Topic at hand in my session is optimizing performance in code and sql. Session IDAX07 in the session catalog, held Thursday from 11am - 12pm. This is an interactive discussion so the idea is that I talk as little as possible, and have you, the audience, ask questions and answer questions and share experience with your peers. I will have some Microsoft performance experts (Christian Wolf and Gana Sadasivam) there as well for those ultra-tough questions that your peers or myself don't know how to answer :-)

If you are unable to attend, I do recommend following the virtual conference and attend any keynotes/sessions you deem relevant. It's always great to find out about features you didn't know of, or get a feel for where your favorite Dynamics product is headed. As far as social media you can also follow the "Convergence Wall". I will be tweeting and blogging about Convergence next week. You can follow me on Twitter @JorisdG.

If you are attending Convergence 2013, come see me at my session on Thursday, or visit me at the Sikich booth Monday afternoon or early Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, look for me walking around. Like last year, I will be sporting my fedora (see below).

This is what I look like... sort of

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