Friday, January 6, 2012

Enterprise Portal in AX 2012

Of course, first of all, happy new year! Oh, and: FIRST POST! :-)

With AX 2012, Enterprise Portal has also gotten an upgrade. It is now built on SharePoint 2010, and also hooks into the Enterprise Search features of SharePoint. As far as development goes, the new .NET story has simplified the use of proxies (of course), and MorphX list pages "just work" as EP pages without any extra effort (except clicking deploy). Of course there is a lot more to talk about!

I'm working on Enterprise Portal content for Microsoft, so it's been EP round the clock for weeks now, and not quite done yet. Of course this brings a good opportunity to share a lot of that knowledge I'm gathering with all of you readers.

So, before I start writing EP articles for this blog to add to the AX 2012 Developer Resources, what kind of questions do you have? Any particular issues, general information, development questions, follow me on Twitter and send me your questions!


  1. Could you please give an example of one or two good looking EP using Product Builder or Product Configurator with the business logic in AX? As far as I can see, EP is a blunt and not very attractive product to use for configuration for the customers. Focus is often on the customers experience of the web site and the interaction with the ERP system is just supposed to work.

  2. Hi Joris.

    Could you please tell me what VPC I should download to start doing some test on Dynamics AX 2009 and Enterprise Portal?
    I've seen that it's available some Dynamics AX VPC Refrehes which bring with SharePoint but I couldn't realize if they have EP also installed.

    Any comment will be welcome.

    Thanks in advanced.


  3. No articles on EP yet?
    Need a jumps start in extending Sharepoint Intranet portal to post payments on AX.

  4. I'd like to view an article that shows how to use temporary tables in EP

    Also if there is something we can do to speed up things, cause it seems really slow right now