Below is a collection of resources, both on this blog and external, on various topics related to source control, testing and code deployments.

Anouncing TFS Build Library for Dynamics AX
Release of the build library

How We Manage Dynamics AX Development series
Part 1: Architecture
Part 2: Organizing TFS
Part 3: Automated Builds

Getting AX 2009 Hooked up to TFS 2010 (blog)
AX & TFS FAQ (blog)
Sample AX Build Workflow for TFS 2010
Microsoft Whitepaper: TFS Version Control Setup for AX 2009 (download)
Microsoft Whitepaper: Using AX 2009 Version Control Integration with TFS (download)
Microsoft Whitepaper: Migrating from VSS to TFS with AX 2009 (download)
Forward Compatibility Fix for AX 2009 and TFS 2010 (download)
Microsoft Whitepaper: Developing Solutions in a Shared AOS AX 2012 Environment (download)

Unit Testing
Wrapping AX Unit Tests in Visual Studio Generic Tests (blog)
Microsoft Whitepaper: Testing Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (download)

AX Code Builds
AX & TFS FAQ (blog)
AX 2009 Scripts for Building a Layer (CodePlex code download)
Sample AX Build Workflow for TFS 2010 (blog)
Dynamics AX 2012 Visual Studio Projects and Builds (blog)
Sample Build Scripts for Dynamics AX 4.0 (MSDN Article)
Easy Automated Builds - Part1 (blog)
Easy Automated Builds - Part2 (blog)
Easy Automated Builds - Part3 (blog)

Branching And Merging
TFS 2010 Branching Guide (download)
Visual Studio ALM Rangers (MSDN)

TFS and AX2012 Models
Changing Model Names when Using TFS (blog)